How to Upscale Anime Photos in One Click

Best 4 Tools to Upscale the Anime Photos

1. VanceAI Anime Upscaler

Price: All users receive three image credits for free of charge per month. The paid options start from as low as $4.99 per month for the annual plan, offering more credits and features.

VanceAI Anime Upscaler

2. Waifu2x

Price: The Waifu2x online platform for anime image upscaling and enhancement is fully liberal to use for all users.

3. Bloc97 Anime4K

Price: The Anime4K application is an open source and liberal to use project accessible from its GitHub page as linked above.

4. Big Jpg

Price: This online application offers its tool for free of charge but you’ll purchase a subscription for more image credits and better features.


Finding the right anime wallpaper are often hard and time consuming. The simplest deal would be to easily get any image and improve it to the purpose. Well, with applications like VanceAI Anime Upscaler et al. , you’ll do exactly that. Moreover, you’ll get anime images in 4K, so you never need to worry about any social media platforms and their requirements. The applications that are listed in this guide all use AI to some capacity, meaning that you don’t even need to spend quite a moment to urge the right anime photo. If everything else fails, you’ll just take a selfie and convert it to an anime image with the VansPortrait application online for free of charge. Just upload a picture and choose the Anime option.



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