How to Take Baby Passport Photo with AI Passport Photo Maker?

4 min readMay 17, 2022

A newborn passport photo are often taken without spending all the time in visiting photo studios or hiring somebody else. By following this easy guide, you’ll get the right passport photo for baby and never need to depend upon anything. A baby passport photo or an infant passport photo are some things that contain a touch more complexity as compared to a passport photo for teenagers or adults. There are different requirements that you simply got to fulfill additionally to the task of taking a photograph of a baby. We’ll discuss all the essential information, including a useful recommendation from VanceAI to take a newborn passport photo smoother.

VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

Baby Passport Photo Requirements

Naturally, once you are taking a newborn passport photo, you’re getting to apply for one and wish to stick to the principles began by the respective authorities. as an example, if you’re applying for a passport photo for the US , you ought to first ask their newborn passport photo guidelines. Similarly, you’ll check the rules for the country that you simply are applying to online. Regardless, there are some common baby passport photo guidelines that require to be followed no matter location or nationality. These guidelines include:

1. Confirm that the baby’s face is obvious and isn’t obstructed by anything, like toys, baby’s hands, or the other object.

2. The photo has got to be clear and high definition. If for a few reason, your camera isn’t ready to take a wonderfully clear photo otherwise you just want to make certain , you ought to make use of professional image enhancement apps. With some AI tools from VanceAI, you’ll enhance baby passport photo taken via phone.

3. The photo must have a white background. this is often a universal and customary rule for many photos taken for professional or non-casual reasons, be it for academics, jobs, or maybe passports. Luckily, you don’t need a photograph studio for this, as any white background will suffice.

4. Confirm the baby isn’t laughing, crying, or making any expressions that are too loud for a photograph . the well-liked expression is neutral though alittle smile won’t be a problem in the least .

5. Get obviate the red eye that always appears in photographs. If you are doing take a picture that contains something like this, you’ll again address image editors. during this particular case, you’ll make passport size photo online with AI, Photoshop, or the other good online editors like LunaPic.

How to Take a Baby Passport Photo

Let’s re-evaluate some recommendations on the way to take a baby passport photo additionally to some products which will help within the process.

When it involves taking photos of a baby for a passport, they need similarities to a baby photoshoot though the main target here is to only take alittle photo of their face with a clean background.

Regardless, you would like to possess a clean background and a 1 that doesn’t divert attention or makes the image look too busy. This image isn’t for a passport but the background is right and is an excellent example. Especially since the photo is for a passport, you ought to make sure the focus is on the face of the baby. For these reasons, a solid white background may be a pretty safe bet.

Another important aspect is to make sure that the baby features a neutral or a rather smiling face. You certainly don’t need a newborn passport photo with the baby crying or yelling in excitement or anything that might make its face look vastly different than what it normally has. it’ll most definitely be rejected by authorities. So, what you’ll do is either feed the baby before the photoshoot or let it have a nap.

Features of VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

Price: VanceAI offers three free credits monthly to free accounts. The monthly plan costs $9.99 whereas the yearly plan costs $4.99 per month.

Making a passport photo requires you to be specific and obtain the size right. It are often a difficult task as there’s little room for error. However, you’ll use an app like VanceAI Passport Photo Maker, which automatically gives you the passport photo within the correct dimensions. Just upload the photo, select the acceptable country, and click on on Create Passport. you’ll get the image during a second. VanceAI also offers photo enhancer tool to help further enhancement.


1. Accurate results.

2. The app works fast.

3. Easy to use.


1. Limited free use.

2. Can add more country options.

Get a Newborn Passport Photo in Perfect Size

There are many baby passport photo requirements but one among the most important ones is that the dimensions. However, the work are often made easier by making use of an honest image cropping application. The VanceAI Image Cropper, as an example , is an automatic image cropping tool for creating cropping automatic and intuitive. you’ll simply type within the dimensions you would like and therefore the app will automatically withdraw the image into the dimensions .




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