How to Make Stencil Art with Artificial Intelligence

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stencil art created by AI
Make Stencil Art with VansPortrait

In this article we are reviewing VansPortrait, a free and efficient picture stencil maker, including a basic walk-through and comments on the output.

No matter if you are posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, getting a lot of eyeballs is not easy in the stormy sea of social media. That’s because we are overwhelmed by the vast sea of digital information today. Similar contents will just be overlooked. Given this situation, one of the simplest methods is to turn your pictures into stencil arts using a photo stencil maker and make them novel and different enough to be remembered and spread by viewers.

Here I will recommend a free stencil maker named VansPortrait

Features of VansPortrait

VansPortrait is a free photo to sketch converter. Driven by AI technology, this portrait generator can automatically identify edges and lines of objects in the photo and generate corresponding drawing lines out of them vividly, which allows you to convert any photo to a fine stencil artwork so effortlessly. This free picture stencil maker is cloud-based so you don’t have to download any software to convert your photos. Besides, with its user-friendly design, Sketch Converter is very simple to use. No complicated skills and manual operation are needed, all it takes is to drop your photos into the application then wait for the stunning output.

Stencil Art Examples from VansPortrait

I have tried some photos to convert them into stencil using VansPortrait, the effects are quite impressive. Let’s check them out.

1. Star stencil

The star in the original photo is made of metal. VansPortrait handled well the star texture and the shade also is good.

Star stencil

2. Butterfly stencil

This butterfly stencil made by Sketch Converter looks great to me. The stencil maker captured and characterized vividly the pattern on the butterfly’s wings.

Butterfly stencil

3. Heart stencil

The texture and patterns in the original heart shape are quite complex. But the photo stencil maker has managed to outline them clearly.

Heart stencil

4. Rose stencil

This rose line drawing is more impressive. The stencil maker did not draw every petal so in detail, but only with several simple lines plus the blank left, it delivered a fine art.

5. Sunflower stencil

Though this sunflower stencil is not perfect — the picture stencil maker failed to re-present the blurred area on the front petal — the Sketch Converter did great in capture the veins on most of the petals and the details of the seeds.

Sunflower stencil

How to use VansPortrait

As a free photo to sketch converter, VansPortrait is very convenient and user-friendly to convert photo to line drawing online.

Step 1: go to its website through the link provided above;

Step 2: click Upload button to drop your photo;

Step 3: hit Start to Process and then the Download button to save the output

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About VanceAI

VanceAI as an AI-driven company specializes in optimizing image editing procedures and the final outputs using cutting-edge technologies. The tools they have developed are for both efficient workflow and creative inspiration purposes. And as the tools are cloud-based, so their users can process images anywhere, anytime.



In a digital age, images matter more than ever before, as they grasp people’s attention rapidly, and will leave quite an impression as long as the image itself is creative and eye-catching enough. VansPortrait is a great stencil maker you should definitely consider trying if you wanna be the next social media influencer.

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