Best 4 Tools to Convert Photos to Sketches

3 min readMay 11, 2022

Have you ever think about using a pencil to sketch out all the good ideas and styles floating around in your imagination. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology can help us overcome many shortcomings and, believe it or not, this including drawing also.

Thanks to the magic of certain best photo to sketch software, like VansPortrait from VanceAI, it’s now possible to convert a photograph to a sketch with little or no effort. Although they won’t cause you to better at drawing, these tools will allow you to require your favorite photos and transform them into something that resembles hand-made pencil sketches. Sounds a touch too good to be true? Don’t worry because you’ll be ready to see the results for yourself during this article, so keep reading until the top .

Recommended Product: VansPortrait

VansPortrait may be a new member of VanceAI’s online photo editing solutions and is formed to simply convert photo to line drawing online. because of the deep learning algorithm, VansPortrait can automatically turn photos to sketch, and no manual work is involved. Just upload a photograph and every one the diligence are often left to the present AI web tool. This online photos to sketch software may only take you no quite 5 seconds.

Part 1: Best Photo to Sketch Software on Desktop

1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop needs little or no introduction at now since it’s been the premier photo editing software for both professionals and amateurs for several years now. At $20.99 per month, the program is certainly a touch expensive but also considerably well worth the tag . Adobe is so confident in its product that it’s even throwing during a free 7-day trial.

Adobe Photoshop

2. FotoSketcher

FotoSketcher may be a photo to pencil sketch converter software free download for PC that does exactly what you’d expect. This isn’t just a free photo to sketch software, though, because it also allows you to use many other effects like watercolor, oil painting, cartoon then far more . and therefore the neatest thing about is that it’s entirely free and you don’t need to worry about ads either. That said, the developers do encourage users to donate if they will in order that they can keep improving upon the software.


3. SoftOrbits

SoftOrbits may be a well-known company that develops a good range of image editing software, including reliable photo to sketch software. you’ll use this photo to pencil sketch converter software free download for your devices first. Unfortunately, there are limits to what you’ll do with the free version of the software but a minimum of it’ll offer you an honest taste of its potential capabilities. If you would like to unlock the software’s full set of features, you’ll upgrade to at least one of the three paid licenses, which can set you back between $6.99 and $24.99.


Learning the way to use software to convert photo to pencil sketch are often a lot of fun and may cause some very interesting results. Especially since these tools work with any quite image, no matter whether it contains people, objects, or natural environments. Moreover, you’ll make sketches not just out of realistic images but also cartoony ones, screenshots of video games, still from a fantasy movie or anime, and therefore the list goes on.




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