Top 5 Best Image Brightener Tools List 2022

6 min readMay 7, 2022
Best Image Brightener

There are tons of applications and tools that brighten image with ease. However, these applications are literally effective when it comes to brightness. For such tasks, you may want an image brightener tool that is simpler to use. We’ll undergo a number of the simplest image brightener tools, such as a photo retoucher from VanceAI which will lighten images as you expect and offer even quite that.

Part 1: Brighten Image with VanceAI Photo Retoucher

VanceAI Photo Retoucher is one among the applications on the web supported by Deep Learning image processing technology. Let’s get a fast overview of the whole application.

VanceAI Photo Retoucher

Price: VanceAI Photo Retoucher or VanceAI products generally, are often used for free of charge for up to 3 times (also called credits) per month. After 3-time-uses, you’ll get to pay either $9.90 or $19.90 per month counting on your plan. The paid versions offer several features that improve quality of life and enhance all the applications of VanceAI.

Compatibility: The VanceAI Photo Retoucher is a web tool and will work on most browsers considering that they’re upgraded to a better version. They also offer a software edition though it doesn’t have all the tools just yet.


  • As mentioned before, the series of image enhancer applications from VanceAI is powered by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based technologies, including VanceAI Photo Retoucher. Thanks to this, the web tool is intuitive in design. It can lighten images, fix color saturation issues, chromatic aberrations, etc. automatically by detecting them.
  • It doesn’t require the user to try to to manual work like placing images, adjusting the settings, etc. All the user has got to do is upload and their work is completed . Moreover, with the paid options, you’ll batch process 5 to 10 images directly , saving tons of your time and energy.
  • The brighten a picture aspect of this application is taken into account to get on par with DSLR levels of quality. Here too, it achieves this with the assistance of the heavy technology running behind it.
  • You can use this as a replacement to Photoshop during a way since VanceAI Photo Retoucher is capable of giving outputs in PSD image file format. Furthermore, VanceAI ensures your image’s privacy and security by immediately deleting them from their servers after 24 hours of upload.

How to Use:

Step 1: You can reach the VanceAI Photo Retoucher home page.

VanceAI Photo Retoucher Homepage

Step 2:Click on the Upload Image button and upload a photograph from the prompt that appears. Then, click on Continue.

Step 3: Click on able to Process to retouch photos and await the appliance to process the image and display the comparison image with the Download button.

VanceAI Photo Retoucher Start

Step 4: Hit Download to save lots of the image.


  • Automatic process to decorate a picture plus a simple to navigate UI.
  • Good paid options with cool features.


  • Manual editing options would be better fitted to some images.

Part 2: Lighten Images with Photoshop

Photoshop is another widely popular image brightener and image editor tool generally . With Photoshop, you’ll transform a picture into any which way your creativity goes. it’s also a strong application, which may lighten images with great quality. Let’s see the way to lighten a picture in Photoshop and other information you’d got to know.

Brighten image with Photoshop

Price: Adobe Photoshop will cost around $20.99 per month for an annual plan. you’ll get yourself a free trial of 30 days if you add Adobe Stock to the acquisition . you’ll also cancel your plan before the trial ends its 30-day mark.

Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop is software that works on desktops (Windows and Mac) and iPad systems. Although not strictly necessary, Photoshop is one among those applications that’s likely to perform faster on systems with good processors, graphic cards, and RAM.


*Comprehensive features and application.


*Can be too expensive as a first-time purchase for beginners.

Part 3: Best 3 Free Online Image Brighteners


Price: you’ll use this online application for free of charge .

Compatibility: it’s a web tool and it’ll work on most browsers.


  • There is far more you’ll do with this application than adjust brightness and contrast. There are features like cropping, scaling, color saturation adjustment, etc which will easily accompany lighting effects of the image.
    You can manage your image files during a better way with this online tool because it has the choice to group all of your images utilized in the present project and save all of them as one PDF.
  • You can instantly share your run through this application onto variety of your social media platforms, like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  • You can also fiddle with cool blur effects and curve graphs to influence the lighting of the image on a way detailed level.


*Easy to use.

*It has an honest number of editing options.


*The UI may be a little off.

2. PineTools


Price: PineTools is fully liberal to use for any users.

Compatibility: you’ll use this online tool on most browsers without a drag .


  • Though not heavy on features, PineTools’ image brightener does offer essential features like detailed zooming and panning of the image.
    You can concentrate to the finer details of the image to make sure that your output is formed how you expect it to.
  • There is little to no navigation needed during this application since the tool itself is made on an equivalent page.


*It can save the output image in multiple different file formats.


*It doesn’t offer much besides the essential features.

3. IMGonline


Price: it’s a free-to-use online application.

Compatibility: it’ll work on most browsers and works smoothly on mobile phones also.


  • You can adjust the brightness beforehand, allowing a far better view on the way to lighten image.
  • You can also set the image file type you would like your image to be converted into as output.


*Easy to use and effective.

*Multiple file formats supported.


*The UI might be better designed.


Image brightener applications have come an extended way from just adjusting brightness. These applications are quite enough to decorate a picture. The primary two applications especially are more full of features outside of lighting effects to raised compliment the entire image whereas the remainder of the three applications are better fitted to the users who need a quick application which will get straight into the method.




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