Top 10 AI Tools That Transform Photo Editing

7 min readDec 13, 2021


Best AI Tools that Transform Photo Editing

All businesses have started to integrate AI in all their tasks to have a brighter and highly efficient future. Photo editing is one area that has seen a massive transformation ever since AI has been integrated with it. Competition levels have risen, the industry has grown, and the world of photography has been completely transformed. AI Photo Editing Software includes features such as filters, different backgrounds, and templates. These features make the complex photo editing job quite easy to perform with a few clicks of a button.

Top 10 Best AI Photo Editors Review

1. VanceAI

Vance AI is one of the best AI photo editing software that is used by many. Both beginners and professionals use this editor to derive high photo quality with the best resolution. VanceAI Image Enhancer and VanceAI Image Upscaler are the best and most commonly used features by Vance AI.


● Simple and easy to use UI

● Fast in processing speed

● Automatic photo editing

● AI-powered photo editor

● The software does not take up much space

● Great for professional designers


● Limited free features

● Cannot collaborate with manual editing

● The software does not integrate with other Vance AI applications

2. Luminar AI

Skylum’s Luminar AI has been a strong contender amongst AI photo editing software for quite some time now. The latest version of this AI photo editor is the Luminar 4, which has become a favorite of many. The tool’s ability to transfer basic raw files to a pro form is completely mind-blowing.

Luminar AI


● Enhances photos

● Exceptional customer service

● Offers Canvas tools

● It comes in 4 modes — Creative, Essentials, Professional, and Portrait

● Excellent management of photos as layers

● Images can be shared and exported in 6 different formats


● Long time to install

● Long editing process

● Consumes a large amount of space

3. Autoenhance AI

Looking for a way to enhance your images quickly with the latest AI? Autoenhance AI has got you covered with its AI-powered photo editor that helps generate the highest quality images way faster than manual editing. Some amazing features that this AI-powered photo editor provides include perspective correction, relighting photos, and an AI photo enhancer that gets your images ready for use and listed within 24 to 48 hours prior to the competition.


● Great Stability and Scalability infrastructure

● Simple and Fast to use

● Well-documented API endpoints

● HTTPS endpoints enabling secure communication

● Processes images in under 10 seconds

● Great API integration


● Limited features

4. PhotoKit

The Photokit Photo Editor is an AI picture editing tool that helps enhance images that can be used for free for some of its basic features. One of the features that this AI-powered photo editor is renowned for is its background removal tool. Furthermore, this AI editor is well reputed for its creativity levels and comes along with features such as color splash and perspective change. In simple words, the algorithm provided by Photokit Photo Editor is run on improved AI algorithms that support the huge amounts of data that it has to deal with.


● Great set of features

● Plenty of ingenious effects i.e., mixo, wing, Atari


● Costly paid version

● Poor value for money

● In-app purchases

● Disturbing pop-up ads

5. Topaz Studio 2

Topazlabs Topaz Studio 2 is known for its creativity. It collaborates with automatic photo-editing technology to provide the clients with great designs, which further makes the workflow effective, efficient, faster, and easier. Some renowned features that come along with this automatic editing software include its frictionless masking and bespoke filters. Topaz Studio 2 often has clients that hail from the Designing market or are small business owners.

Topaz Studio


● Great sharpening features

● Easily resizes with great quality

● Fast in functionality

● It comes with perfect fillers for blur or lost details

● It comes with a fully automated option


● It does not support raw images

● Slow (especially on older hardware)

6. Hotpot

Looking for an AI photo editing software that comes with an AI Picture Restorer? Look no further as Hotpot is an expert in this domain. To further glamorize it, the AI Picture Restorer’s Beta version was released not so long ago. This AI editor helps removes scratches, sharpens, repairs, and restores an image in seconds and can be used on white, black, and even color images.

Hotpot ai


● Free to use

● Gets rid of visible damage from the images

● It works perfectly on all types of images

● API access


● Photos are taken down after a certain period

● Low maximum resolution

7. Photolemur

We have another AI photo editor from Skylum, the Photolemur, that has helped users focus on creativity whilst escaping mundane tasks. It is the perfect ai photo editing software for beginners, all thanks to its great user interface.



● Works well for batch processing

● Great UI

● It helps process simple images quickly

● Cost friendly

● Perfect color balance


● Slow in speed while processing raw files

● Poor zoom feature

● Cannot produce sharpness in images

● Cannot perform an extensive set of edits on the image

8. Befunky

Befunky is another AI tool that is used for photo editing. Access to this AI photo editor online is more suited for beginners as opposed to experts in the field. Befunky comes with features such as color correction, collage creation, graphic designing, and photo enhancement.



● Easy to access without creating an account

● Upload multiple images at a time

● It comes with a drag and drop feature

● Collages created can be shared

● It comes with full-screen mode editing


● Disturbing Pop-up advertisements

● Quite a few paid options

● Excessive payment is required to access certain content on its mobile version

9. Pixlr

Pixlr is an AI editor that helps create new designs and images for free. You can start your journey on this platform through a variety of formats including PXD, PNG, PSD, and many more. In addition to this, Pixlr allows the user to start from scratch or use their ready-made templates.



● Drag and Drop feature

● Real-Time Editing

● Content Sharing

● Import and Export images with great ease

● Great UI

● Works great on a mobile


● Void of team dashboard

10. Remini

Remini is a great AI picture editing tool that helps transform old and damaged photos into a fresher and sharper image, making it look crisp and new as if taken by a professional. The AI technology used by Remini is movie grade and converts distorted images into one that has a high resolution, sharp with clarity in its pixels.


● Quick and simple process

● Cost friendly premium version

● Plenty of tools and features

● Smaller images can be upscaled without compromising quality


● Disturbing Pop-Up Advertisements

● Professional photographers cannot use this app because 2080 x 2080 pixels is the maximum file size that can be exported


With that, we have the top 10 AI tools that have revolutionized the world of photo editing completely. Do not hesitate to hop onto the bandwagon of using AI photo editing software to cater to your creative and design needs. Revamping your images not only brings life to the image but can be stored digitally as a cherished memory in the long run.




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